Designer sparkle bathroom tiles

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Designer sparkle bathroom tiles with style!

Discover the most popular sparkly floor tiles / Quartz Stone tiles for this century suitable for your floor or walls, kitchen splashback and bathroom countertops. Get the latest look and the latest trends, ideas, colours and inspiration for any rooms from interior designers. This is the place to find out which tiles, including these new quartz, granite, glitter are best for your house.

Watch for the simplicity of these single colours, used on their own mixed in with these mirror flecks to complement each other; many of the these sparkly floor tiles, can produce beautifully subtle decorative effects – or by contrast, others that are dramatically/extremely stunning.
Such are the options available within a wide and versatile palette of plain mirror quartz colours & grouts.

Your own look and brand

Think of a colour. Of all the quartzite offers the widest choice of hues to fulfil every designer’s wildest, boiled sweet dream. Plain Quartz Stone mirror tiles and plain glitter bathroom tiles mixtures in mouth-watering tints and shades for those contemporary and also modern decorators amongst us who believe that bathrooms are there to be reveled in.

What the bathroom glittery tiles gives you?


The ultimate trend in glamour and also in elegance, fit to adorn the most eye catching and sophisticated of locations. Sleek trendy sexy look, with unique shades create a moody ambience for the most decadent bathrooms.


Unlimited luxurious designs.

You can take a look at our gallery to look at the colour range, sizes and other important information about the range of bathroom sparkle tiles and sparkly floor tiles available.

To achieve unique beauty, elegance and longevity you need to use these designer glitter bathroom tiles / quartz stone manmade tiles.The sparkle bathroom tiles quartz tile range gives you not only a very trendy look but also durability, density, strength, beauty, variety along with many other positive properties.

Sparkle Glittery floor tiles