Disney store glitter floor tiles!

Impressive dark blue stores glittery tiles

Inspired by the original black polished granite tiles often found in kitchens or bathrooms around the world. The granite stone floors are often found in public places - used externally and internally in banks, shops, restaurants, hotels and other public institutions.

These granite stone tiles have been replaced with a NEW type of decoration material known by various names: quartz stones, composite stone, black blue glitter tiles and many other titles. They also can be used externally and internally and are often seen in Disney shops floors or McDonalds in London and across UK & US.

The house decoration trend moved on from golden mirror chips to chrome silver mirror chips. These NEW trendy glittery tiles brought out some great new colour combinations to make it one of the must have stone tiles.

They are more and more popular. Every year we witness new colour trends. The start of the 21st century saw the creation of two iconic coloured quartz ranges - the black and the white and as the years went by other firm favourites were born such as the grey, brown, maroon, red, white, dark blue, lime green, purple any many others.

Many people love to purchasse cheap glitter floor tiles as seen in Disney stores across the US and especially in the UK in local malls like Bluewater.

Online you can buy discounted glitter starlight flooring Disney style; these special items will make you're home more fashional and more stylish. In UK you can by them discounted from Decoramic, they offer 20% OFF and Free Shipping on large orders. Why not purchase discounted glitter tiles there?

These sparkle tiles can be seen in various locations throughout the US: California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Ohio, Michigan and many more...

Example of where these unique Disney glittery tiles can be used:

To view our online catalogue with images click here. Information about the bathroom walls sparkly selection. Find out more about the characteristics of the quartz stone Disney shops black glitter flooring

These new Disney glitter tiles as a brand name can be seen in Disney stores / shops, banks, McDonalds restaurants and other locations either as a floor tile or wall tile.

New shapes, new sizes are available now. The popular options are still the black and white, also new shapes can be found, sizes like 6"x6" / 15x15cm, mosaics.

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