Characteristics quartz stone

quartz stone tiles

Some properties of sparkle quartz tiles are:

  • Gravity: 2.382
  • Flexural strength: 7,158(49.350) psi:(Mpa)
  • Compressive strength: 27,234(187.75) psi:(Mpa)
  • Water absorption 0.02~0.13%
  • Acid resistance: excellent
  • Thermal Shock Resistance: excellent
  • Hardness: 7
  • Underfloor heating:suitable

Suitability: These engineered mosaic quartz tiles are suitable pretty much almost anywhere: kitchens walls & kitchens floors, bathroom walls and floors, conservatory, hallways, showers, shower-rooms...

Important to remember: these quartz tiles are naturally mined material and variations in colour and shade can occur.

Your own look and brand

Quartz engineered tiles are extremely hard manmade tile, with unique strength, clarity and radiance. Quartz crystals (mirror bits) give to this tile an exceptional hardness, clarity and consistency in colour, also is dense, non-porous, stain resistant and requires virtually no maintenance.

Whether you chose black tiles or white tiles, they will bring a serious sparkle and depth of colours to the party - and stay as fresh and as beautiful as the day they were installed...

Sparkle Glittery floor tiles
Starburst glittery floors is produced with quartz that due to the Hardness it making it stronger than natural stone products and other artificial stones. A slide show of these Starstone colours can be found here and you also can consult and view information about Flexural strength, Water absorption and Compressive strength.

There is a variety selection of sizes and colours and coloured glitter grout to choose from. Used in high traffic buildings
such as hotels, DIsney shops, public and private hospitals, theatres, airport waiting rooms, apartments and houses, subways, commercial buildings, malls and other locations residential and non residential.