Fixind and laying method for Gulf Stone products

General Information

Recommended Fixing and Laying Method

The substrate must be absolutely flat, solid, free of cracks, smooth and clean of any dust, debris, oils or any similar substances they may clause tiles to break free; before laying tiles on screed surfaces insure that surface is completely cured and free of moisture. For every 1cm thickness of screed, it is recommended to start installation after 6-8days.

The adhesive shall be prepared as instructed by the Adhesive Manufacturer.

Apply a base coat on the ready surface and as well as the backside of the tile. Immediately after this, apply the required adhesive mix on the ready surface to prepare about 5mm bed and place the tile. Once the tile is placed, move the tile smoothly, without lifting the tiles. After that you may tap it gently with the rubber mallet. Any excess adhesive that might come to surface of the tiles after the installation should be immediately removed with wet sponge to avoid any damage to the finish surface of the tiles. it is recommended to protect with damp cloth for the least 24 hours after installation.

After a minimum of 24 hours from the setting of the tiles, joints must be filled. Before sealing, the gaps must be thoroughly cleaned. The grout material is also available with the manufacturers of adhesive and colouring can also be done to match the colour of the tiles. Allow it to set before using.

Gulf Stone products must be laid with joints. Joints must have a minimum of 2 3 mm between the tiles. Expansion joints must be left, along the perimeter of the tiles flooring and around edges of walls, columns and steps. In installation on wide surface, the surface must be divided up into flooring areas 10x10m. Along these areas, expansions joints must be left at a width of 5-10 mm. In order to prevent the excess spread of the adhesive to the upper surface of the tiles, use masking tape along sides of the tiles. The expansion joints must be then grouted with polyurethane mastic.

Safety measures

Gulf Stone products are suitable for all internal applications and should not be used for outside applications and in the areas where it is exposed to bright sun. In the case, the areas where the tiles are used are exposed to sunlight through window glasses, the grout used should be silicon based (Elastic Grout).

Gulf Stone products should not be stored in open area exposed to sunlight. It should be covered shed till the time it is taken up for application.

Gulf Stone products are very hard and only diamond blades are to be used for cutting or sizing. Wet sawing is strongly recommended and should be cut in well-ventilated area.

Due to possible shade and texture alterations in the finished products caused by the natural characteristics of the quartz used, it is recommended to check the material before laying.

No complaints will be entertained once the tiles are laid.

IMPORTANT: These are only recommendations and should not be used as definitive guides; always make your own research + get in touch with the manufacturer for the latest product recommandations.