Mosaic quartz tile

Impressive glittery tiles

The perfect floor tile with mosaic quartz tile!

The world's most beautiful buildings and quite a few of new build hotels are using these NEW mosaic sparkling tiles.

They are available in a dozen fine colours from the normal & neutral white, black and grey to dark blue, light blue, lilac, red rose, sky blue, light green, aqua marina, pink cream, dark green and loads more colours....

You can navigate to our slideshow / gallery to view small collection of photos of mosaic quartz tile. These products are made of about 95% quartz (depends on the manufacturer) are scratch resistant, impact and bending resistant, also are durable and virtually maintenance free.

Your own look and brand

The main tiles are often used as counter tops for kitchens or as vanity - without any joints also one of the main characteristic is that they are very hygienic surfaces.

Endless colours and textures for unique designs!

These can be use to make a statement, they are transforming the basic & ordinary into new and aesthetically pleasant and welcoming rooms whatever the setting and location!

The perfect look - so just do it....

Yes these mirror tiles are real! The mosaic quartz tiles are the biggest and most booming luxurious flooring items; nonetheless it's expansion into other lines of use such as the sparkle countertops appeal has certainly caught shoppers tending in terms of fashionable style and celebrated creativity. Sparkles are modern designs mixed with vintage & authentic style that is meant for those fashion conscious consumers. Take a look at designer layouts on this website, right here!

The reflection of the mirror can be seen from any angle the high polished tile is viewed; that it depends directly of how much light is been used in the environment. When it comes to lifestyle innovation exciting brand new things are afoot, thing like a high luxurious home, interiors styling....Get the Xfactor floor tile look...

These mosaics starburst with sparkles will be in forever and they will still hold their appeal.

Sparkle Glittery floor tiles

These mosaic quartz with mirror chips are the most covetable & desired items of the moment and no doubt there will be the 1st choice for a very long time. The very latest technology has been used to create a range of tiles with enhanced flexural strength, virtually no water absorption and compressive strength.

So you are after a Xfactor floor / wall tile look - these specialist "tile objects", "items" will give a original, stylish and luxurious look to your room, it gives the latest trend & finishing touch.