Quartz stone floor tiles

Impressive glittery tilesQuartz stone tiles brings together contemporary & traditional!

Quartz stone tiles brings together contemporary & traditional

Quartz stone tiles for floors brings together contemporary designers and makers whose work emphasises, by mean of traditional and innovative working methods, the intrinsic beauty of quartz floor tiles.

Drawn from variety of colours and across the World, each maker chooses to interpret and emphasise a particular aspect or quality of their chosen stone material, frequently exploiting metaphor in order to explore the relation between type of house, the residents and room form. Various manufacturing exhibition aims to reveal how each exhibitor, through their passionate regard for and technical competence with this readily available and high tactile materia, is able to produce a range of intriguing two and three-dimensional works that bear testament to the endless versatility of sparkle flooring.

Men has worked with tiles in a variety of ways, as a designer, model maker and tutor, for many years. The influence of his immediate surroundings is evident in his current practice.

Your own look and brand

We believe that qualities of the tiles on floors or walls suggest the way it should be used, re-assembled and presented.

The resulting 'compositions' become narratives, meditations in the effects of time, the elements and the beauty, durability and vulnerability of stone quartz tiles.

Example of who uses these tiles:

  • Professional designers are able to create elegant, sinuous forms, which can be smoothly & finely cut. You can be fascinated by the infinite possibilities offered by new technologies while recognising and retaining the importance of traditional skills and good workmanship in his practice.
  • Architects, luxurious hotels, Disney stores

Quartz stone

These black sparkle stone floor tiles are now considered an art form. They are used to create decorations in bathrooms or kitchens on all or floors with the help of the quartz mosaics. Designers with passion can create ambitions projects in various public places: hotels, spa places restaurants, disco and others. These engineered are sourced from across Europe, US, Australia, India, UEA..

You can enhance thes with the NEW sparkle borders!