Exclusive sparkle borders made of quartz stone tiles!

Impressive glittery tiles

Exclusive sparkle borders made of quartz stone tiles!

Welcome to the stylish world of sparkle borders tiles, a world of difference in a Mediterranean style with lots of colour, ambience and warmth; available in loads of colours as per image in a rectangular shape and a highly polished reflective finish;. this is a world where life is good!

These sparkly borders are suitable for floors as well as walls and has an excellent reputation thanks to a carefully monitored production process, strict quality control criteria and a revolutionary method that allows you to install coordinated floor coverings and wall tiled panels in any room: bathroom, kitchen or hallways by making sure that they will match in thickness and colour.

These sparkle glittery borders tile can be used:

At Sparkle Tiles, we bring style to interiors. That's why we are confident that you will find inspiration to find your perfect sparkle border on this website!

Original designs with these engineered stone.

One original way to get the most of these trendy glitter border tiles is by combining traditional floor coverings like solid wooden floors or laminated with simple ceramic wall tiles, this will give your room a nice rustic look and with a timeless character.

These are border trims with sparkles that set new stylish trends for every room in the house!

The sparkle tiles collection available in all colours and sizes, all of these are shown on our online brochure.

Available in different widths: sparklyview®

These are extra long so they can match large tiles 600x300mm or 600x600mm.

Unique & special characteristics and distinct quality tiles add warmth for any size projects: small residential projects or large commercial or industrial projects!

SparkleTiles Engineered Flooring - at its best in an active environment ! Nice and with a good thicknesses for quick installations and to go with any size walls or floors, normal thin or thick ceramic tiles!

Straight-edge design fits easily into any space. Layer with patterned borders for a stylish and unique eye-catching look.

An important factor which often is overlooked is the colour of the grout used. This has a great impact on the finalisation of the project, the grout is highly visible; nowadays the quality and the colour range grouts have been improved considerably.

Sparkle borders trims to enhance walls and floors in dozens  of colours

Top-quality quartz tiles that is easy to maintain.

With very high wear and high resistance to scratches & chemicals, this enables it to deal effortlessly with heavy room bathroom, kitchen or dinning furniture. This will allow you to keep enjoying these sparkling quartz products that give your rooms that little extra oomph and colour.

Top-quality listellos that are only 50mm approximate 2" in width and 600mm approximate 24" in length.

Sparkling trims decorate homes and enhance any environments, residential or commercial. These sparkly borders are Pre-cut, scalloped that add a touch of dazzling colour.

Add a special touch to wall or floor displays with rich shiny glittery trims / border.