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Sparkle tiles? Designer tiles and style! If you want to be trendy, or maybe you are already trendy but you want to enhance your walls or floors with some super sparkly floor tiles then you are in the right place i.e. this is the place where you can find the lasts news and information about glittery tiles sometimes also called sparkle tiles, mirror tiles, Starburst tiles, Star tiles and many other names....

We have a nice collection of photos and with a few clicks you can find information about these very modern interfloor quartz tiles. The sparkly tiles are durable and maintenance free,further more,it does not contain any pollution and radiation, thus is an environmental friendly building material.

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Information about quartz based engineered compressed stone on this website.

Example of where glittery tiles can be used:

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The Characteristics of Quartz Stone.

A few features are aesthetic consistency, also is stain resistant, high resistance to high temperatures and to various chemicals, suitable for areas with heavy foot traffic with an excellent resistance to abrasion and of course the main attraction, the luxurious appearance. Our photos shows the different colours available of sparkly floor tiles.

Unlimited luxurious designs.

What they are? These starstone glittery tiles is an unique engineered stone fabricated using mostly natural quartz mixed in with resin and bits(chips) of mirror from which results a polished tile with a very high density and resistant to abrasion.

The reflection of the mirror can be seen from any angle the high polished tile is viewed; that it depends directly of how much light is been used in the environment.

Wheat her you chose black tiles or white tiles, they will bring a serious sparkle and depth of colours to the party - and stay as fresh and as beautiful as the day they were installed..

Times change and so do fashions, but these sparkly floor tiles starburst black, white, red, all colours will always be in favor and century after century they will still hold their appeal.

Starstone tiles are perfect to use as kitchen worktops which gives you the highly polished and shine anyone needs in their kitchen; the highly polished sparkly worktop tiles will shine in many locations of your house.

Sparkle Glittery floor tiles

These tile quartz glittery tiles are manufactured across the world by a professional manufacturers with outstanding quality, quick turnaround, broad selection and various sizes. A slide show of these interfloor polished sparkly floors can be found here and you also can consult and view information about Flexural strength, Water absorption and Compressive strength.

Quartz it gives an original look and style to your room, it gives the finishing touch and blends in in any setting or room i.e. kitchen, bathroom, conservatory, hallways, public areas,many ways the perfect wall tile, floor tile and is an excellent work top material especially when used in conjuction with glitter grout. It is available in a wide range of colours and is easy to care for because it is man-made.

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