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Designer sparkly worktops with style!

So you are after something different for your kitchen worktop, or probably you went to your local B&Q bq shop or MFI and you've the Speedstone worktops?! These sparkly kitchen worktops conglomerate are made of a mixture of resin and natural stone and is one of the hardest manmade material! Designed to be used on floors, on walls in kitchens and bathrooms, hallways, etc... and of course because is a solid surface composite material and because is consisting of a very unique conglomerate composition which gives a high resistance to acids it can be used on any worksurfaces. This truly innovative range of sparkle worktops, Starburst™, Starlight™, Speedstone , worktops incorporates ways of enhance your kitchen so not to detract from the modern, clean appearance.Your own look and brand

Experience a harmonic balance of sparkles and light reflection that juxtapose the use of modern, mirror chips & natural light (or even artificial light); also try the new glitter grout with the quartz mosaics!

Example of where conglomerate quartz tiles can be used:

The characteristics of Quartz Stone worktops.

Whatever your taste the Starburst™, Starlight™ or Speedstone quartz kitchen worktops will provide a focal point in any kitchen through its unique, elegant and original style, it is a conscious move away from the contemporary look to offering a rich and opulent design with a modern feel. comes with a smooth & chemical resistance.

What they are? These starstone speedstone worktop made of quartz stone can be found in the B&Q shops in the kitchen section and are made with of a unique engineered stone fabricated using mostly natural stone quartz stone and mixed in with resin and mirror bits ( mirror chips) from which results a highly reflective and polished worksurfaces with a very high density and resistant to abrasion and various acids and chemicals.

Sparkly kitchen worktop Speedstone

We live in an century when natural tops, environments and the arrangement of kitchen spaces to achieve harmony have become more than essential to many people’s lifestyle, these spaces can be visual and physical havens inside any modern home – these what nowadays people demands from one of the most (if not the most) import room of their home..

Use these unique and innovative quartz worksurfaces to achieve beauty with function. in conjuction with the new sparkle borders.

Maybe you should pay a visit to different showrooms around the country where you can feel, touch and appreciate in situ these beautifully various coloured quartz tiles or work surfaces.

Quartz stone worksurfaces are perfect to use in kitchen settings which gives you the highly polished and shine anyone needs; the highly polished sparkle worktop tiles will shine in many other locations of your home.