Underfloor heating and glitter floor tiles

Are these glitter floor tiles suitable with underfloor heating systems?

The Quartz compact composites are made using an system created by Breton (an Italian machinery manufacturer); based on this system & the Italian machinery these quartz tiles, quartz slabs, quartz mosaics are now made by numerous companies worldwide. Like any fashion product, these resin quartz products has to keep evolving to remain at the top of the game and because of this these worldwide producers are trying to compete with their direct rivals via novelty, therefore these are made in various thickness, sizes, shapes & colours. The thicknesses of the sparkle tiles can impact the way they are heated; the thicknesses varies considerably, some are 10mm, 12mm or even 20mm (depends on manufacturer & the size of the tile).

There is no real benefit if they are thicker; actually the thinner the better for the underfloor heating systems - these will allow the tiles to heat quicker (in a short period of time).

On the suitability side of things there is no easy answer. First of all there is a wide range of underfloor heating systems made by various manufacturers on the market; second is that there are loads of different manufacturers of these rather unique and stylish sparkly flooring tiles. The heating mats are of various wattage per square metre; most of them are: 100W, 150W or 200W per square metre. In general the higher the wattage the quicker the tiles will be heated & more heat will 'come through'.

Example of heating mats suppliers / manufacturers.

What they are? The above are manufacturers & distributors of underfloor heating systems, some of them also operate internationally in countries / continents like: USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Asia, etc.

Underfloor heating for glittery tile

These undertile mats for sparkle floor tiles are manufactured across the world by professional producers with quick turnaround. For more accurate & detailed information I advise that you should visit their website or ask them for detailed literature

Do you want to improve your quartz floor heating?

Did you know that approximately 40% of the heat gets lost through concrete floors? Nowadays you can purchase cement boards which are ideal for use as an insulation for most building substrates. These new cement based boards are very light, easy to use & are available in various sizes & thicknesses. These are suitable for most types of tiles.